pix (piks) n. var. pl. of PIC.  Slang.  1. A photograph.

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Graphics & Design

Many of our designs are universal and customizeable and available on our Zazzle store, but we are ready to help you with pieces designed specifically for your needs.   

Contact us with your ideas and we'll make them come to life!  We can design something and provide it to you digitally so you can print it yourself.  We're flexible, and we've designed all sorts of projects for a host of different occasions.  

And if you're still searching for the perfect photo to enhance your project or express your ideas, we can help there, too, thanks toover 45 years of experience in photojournalism. 

(See our Photography page for more information.)


The image above is billboard-sized ad designed to display 
before movies on the screens at the Garden Drive-In theater.

We can retouch family portraits and other images to remove shadows, sharpen colors, add artistic elements, etc.  Below are a few projects we've done in the past.

Please note that we NEVER alter images without express written permission from the image owner or without assurance that the resulting image will not be used to misrepresent a product or situation.

The original photo of main street businesses is above left.
Above right, we brightened the photo and restored the bricks on the farthest right building. 
Below, we lowered the lamp post and added railing to replace the plywood section in the original photo. 

The client wanted a simple business card with high impact. 
An original photo (not a stock image) was set up for this purpose and used as the background.

The photo below was taken around the holidays when blue lights adorned the exterior. 
The lights were removed so the photo could be used year-round.

Below is a colorized treatment of a black and white bridal photo and various background colors added to their cake.



The silhouettes below were
created from actual images
of the client's pets, then
framed and hung in
a group on her wall.

The daughter of the maid-of-honor wanted to frame a portrait of her mother standing by herself.  
The task required reconstructing parts of her arm and gown.


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