pix (piks) n. var. pl. of PIC.  Slang.  1. A photograph.

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Litigation Support & Corporate Photography

Due to privacy and legal issues, we will never publish photos that have been used in actual cases.  The photo shown is for illustrative purposes.

It's fair to say that Mark specializes in this type of photography.  Throughout his career as a newspaper photojournalist, he has always adhered to strict guidelines that prohibit altering photographs or misrepresenting the truth in any way.  At the same time, he has the experience and the right equipment to shoot images that accurately depict products and services. 

He can also document injuries, forensic evidence, property damage, faulty equipment or other scenarios that could be compelling in the course of litigation.  Mark has worked with many local attorneys to capture honest, credible images that have helped provide crucial evidence and litigation support. His reputation for professionalism, integrity, and discretion coupled with his ability to respond promptly to requests make him the ideal asset to your legal team. 

Call 570-760-4737 or email  to discuss.

Mark has helped thousands of people and businesses tell their story by providing beautiful images for advertising, signs, business cards, digital marketing, and more. And he'll do what it takes to get the perfect shot. He's climbed ladders to shoot a former governor addressing a crowd at a local business, suited up in protective gear to tour a nuclear power plant, and recently, he donned a beesuit to shoot honey bees in their hives!

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